Declaration of my kin’s domain

Giminės sodyba, sodžius, tėvonija

I, Algirdas Švanys, citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, hearby declare that I have gotten familiar with the ideology of the way of lifestyle set out in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series books written by Vladimir Megre. The idea of kin’s domains inspired me to act. I started to create a more perfect environment for my self, my family and my descendants in a parcel of land of about 1 hectare in size in Gedminai village. This land was handed me over by my kins. I call it kin’s domain. I planted here a border line fence out of trees and bushes, dug a pond, grow fruits, berries, vegetables, forest trees, take care of honey bees. I fertilise the land only with natural types of fertilizers. I plan to build a small house and to create the area in the way that it is beautiful, safe, selfsufficient and full of natural aromas, sounds and tastes. I want that my future family happily lived here and happy children would be raised.
I would like that well-intentioned neighbours would create their kin domains nearby. I would like that a local school and communal space is created where parrents and their children could perfect themselves and their living environment and happily create more and more happy life.

I strive that environmental pollution is reduced and old woods and their diverse harmonious life are recreated around.
I think that the name ‘Gedminai’ origins from two Lithuanian words ‘gieda mintį’ which means ‘to sing a mind” in English. Therefore I envision how songs with fascinating visions being created in Gedminai spur people to create that what will bring truth, joyousness and love to everyone.

It is unproductive to blame somebody and not to take responsibility to do the best as every mind, decision and action matters. It would be beneficial that everyone who wants to work with land could create their kin’s domains around small and large cities and offer them ecologically safe products. The change of technocratic lifestyle and creation of kin’s domains on a more global scale would help to solve ecological and social problems and would bring paradise garden on Earth.

Legislations of various countries should become helpful to creators of kin’s domains (small homesteads living harmoniously with nature) and their communities. I know that many people and families create their kin’s domains in Lithuania as well as other countries. I wish success and inspiration to all like-minded people in creation their astonishing living environment.